BSNL Online Payment

BSNL Online Payment

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. being 7th largest Telecommunications Company of world is one of the largest and leading public sectors in India. It is responsible for major telecommunications in India. BSNL serves a wide range of comprehensive telecom services like Wire line, GSM Mobile, CDMA mobile, Internet, Broadband, MPLS-VPN, Carrier service, VoIP services, IN Services, VSATetc.

People can make payments of bills either online or offline. BSNL made it easy for its customers to pay tariffs (bills) by availing them with BSNL online payment. Offline BSNL bill payments are made by visiting to the nearest BSNL CSC branch and paying amount of the bill.

BSNL is partners with UTI, HDFC, ICICI to enable BSNL online payment gateway for customers to pay theirs bill online through internet banking system. They have also integrated with ICICI payment gateway with BSNL online payment gateway to enable payments through VISA/Master Credit Cards. Also other banks will be integrated with BSNL online payment gateway to enhance quality of BSNL online payment portal.

For making BSNL online payment of bill, the first thing you need to do is registration, which can be easily done by providing personal details like, your name, address, contact number, email id, etc. After completing registration, you are asked to add your phone account by giving all the details like code for your state, phone number and a Unique ID. A customer reference number (Unique ID) is needed to validate users account and help the user making online bill payments & access BSNL online payment portal. All the online transactions are tracked using this Unique ID. Either you can find your Unique ID by referring your previous BSNL bills, as it is printed on all the bills generated; or you will have to contact BSNL csc and get the Unique ID number. You can register your account in BSNL website only after having your Unique ID number. Once you registered, you are free to make all the online transactions.

For BSNL online payment, you are firstly needed to go to; and click on the options available in “Online services”. Say for example, you want to make payment of your landline bills, than you will be clicking on “Pay landline bills” under the “Online Services”. A BSNL online payment portal will open up, which will as you to provide your username and password. It is must that you are a registered BSNL member. For fast payments you may click on fast pay enter amount and make payment. For keeping details of bill payment, you may also download the BSNL bill in .pdf format and take a hard copy.

Advantages Of Paying Online Then Offline

  • Don’t have to waste time, going to BNSL CSC, standing in long queue, waiting for payment of bill.
  • Easy method of BSNL online payment of bills with very simple and short number of steps.
  • Through BSNL payment portal, customers are quite happy as many banks are joining BSNL online payment gateway.

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