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BSNL Cellone Online Payment

To pay the bill for BSNL all it needs to locate the BSNL website of their region & sign up for a free account. There is different website for metro cities such as Chennai, bang lore, Delhi and other cities. One can check BSNL circle sites for list of the websites.

BSNL has created online portal for providing their customer’s world-class experience. With BSNL cellone online payment customer’s have many times of facilities available they are as follows:

  • Customer’s can view & pay BSNL landline bill online.
  • Also the SMS alerts services are also made available in most of the states in India for latest bill payments & other details.
  • BSNL cellone postpaid online payment service is also available.
  • One can also make BSNL cellone prepaid online recharge.
  • Through online services one can also get duplicate postpaid bills.

The Process for BSNL Cellone Online Payment is as follows:

  1. Initial Registration with personal details
  2. Then one needs to add phone Account number
  3. Then one can view outstanding bill online
  4. Then customer can pay-outstanding bill.

BSNL Cellone online Payment Benefits are as follows:

  • One can pay online if they have internet banking account with UTI bank, ICICI bank or HDFC bank. Also one can pay with credit card choosing ICICI payment gateway.
  • One gets rebate of 1% in next phone bill.

For BSNL cellone prepaid online recharge one needs to just register with personal details and through accessing his/her account one can make BSNL cellone prepaid online recharge selecting their top-up & making online payments. BSNL cellone online payment is not only quick but it is also very secure & can be done from any location where one can access internet.


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